2015 Focus papers




Focus paper no. 9 / 21 December 2015

Reviewing public spending: the healthcare system


Focus paper no. 8 / 17 December 2015

Reviewing the public finance objectives in the light of the ‘security package’: assessment of compliance with fiscal rules” has been published on the PBO website


Focus paper no. 7 / 23 November 2015

Advances to the regions for the payment of commercial payables: accounting treatment and public finance issues


Focus paper no. 6 / 13 November 2015

The elimination of the municipal services tax (Tasi) on primary residences


Focus paper no. 5 / 26 October 2015

The Investment Plan for Europe. An opportunity for better governance of Italy’s public infrastructure?


Focus paper no. 4 / 16 June 2015

The revaluation of pensions in the wake of Decree Law 65/2015: redistributive effects and impact on the public finances


Focus paper no. 3 / 9 February 2015

Derivatives contracts of public entities: characteristics and purpose


Focus paper no. 2 / 30 January 2015

The 2015 Stability Act in the public finance policy framework


Focus paper no. 1 / 14 January 2015

The new policies of the European Commission on flexibility in the Stability and Growth Pact