This section seeks to present complex information in a clear, easily accessible manner with the help of graphics.

It also offers interactive graphical tools that users can access to extract and format complex information, including comparative data, on the topics they are interested in.



PBO Report 2023 – The distributive effects of price increases and household support measures in 2022 and 2023
Budget policies of EU countries
Comparison between the Stability and Convergence Programs (SCP), the Draft Budgetary Plans (DBP) and the forecasts of the European Commission
Government securities database
A detailed breakdown of the composition of domestic issues of government securities (issues, redemptions and net issues) and the associated interest expenditure in 2010–2021, as well as the distributions of a number of key indicators
Civil proceedings in the ordinary courts
Interactive visualisation of the flow of civil proceedings in the ordinary court system in 2013-15.
Source: based on Ministry of Justice data.
Europe in figures 2000-2018
Interactive data visualization for the analysis and the comparison of macroeconomics and public finance trends for the European countries, period 2000 – 2018.
Source: European Commission, AMECO database.
State budget 2010-15
Interactive infographic for the analysis of expenditure items in the State budget 2010-15
Source: Open Data Ragioneria Generale dello Stato
Government expenditures and revenues in Italy and Europe
Interactive graphical tools for analysing public expenditure by function and revenue in Italy and in Europe.
Sources: ISTAT and Eurostat