Focus Papers

The Focus Papers series is comprised of short papers that address, in a concise, but comprehensive, format important and timely issues that contribute to the discussion on economics and public finance.





Focus Paper no. 5 / 25 July 2019

A review of the budget strategies in the 2019 Stability and Convergence Programmes of EU countries


Focus Paper no. 4 / 10 June 2019

Taxation of business income in the wake of the Growth Decree


Focus Paper no. 3 / 8 April 2019

Spendable surpluses of local authorities under the new budget balance rules


Focus Paper no. 2 / 5 March 2019

The 2019 budget: a summary of the definitive text


Focus Paper no. 1 / 21 February 2019

An overview of public finance strategies in the 2019 Draft Budgetary Plans of the euro area countries










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