Director General

Luca Rizzuto (appointed by the Chairman as from 1 January 2015)

Rizzuto coordinates the activity of the PBO in carrying out the policy guidelines of the Board and oversees its operation. He supports and assists the Board in performing their duties.

More specifically, the General Manager:

  • ensures that the Board’s resolutions are implemented;
  • oversees the administration and management of the PBO’s staff and monitors compliance with employment-related legislation;
  • prepares the budget and the financial reports and oversees the keeping of the general accounts of the PBO.

Manages the Office of the Director General, which assists him in performing his duties.


Economic advisor

To be appointed

The advisor supports the Board in performing its functions in order to develop operational approaches and methodologies for analysing, verifying and assessing economic and public finance issues.


Macroeconomic analysis department

Head of department: Libero Monteforte

Prepares analyses, checks and assessments of:

  • the macroeconomic framework and related forecasts;
  • the calculation of potential output in order to correct budget balances;
  • the macroeconomic impact of key public finance measures.


Public finance department

Head of department: Flavio Padrini

Prepares analyses, checks and assessments, developing internal estimations where necessary, of:

  • public finance forecasts, including by sub-sector, and the periodic monitoring of actual performance during the year;
  • developments in and the sustainability of the public debt;
  • compliance with fiscal rules;
  • the transparency of budgets.


Sectoral analysis department

Head of department: Maria Rosaria Marino

Prepares analyses, checks and assessments, developing internal estimations where necessary, of:

  • sources of revenue and expenditure sectors by economic and functional classification;
  • financial relations between the levels of government;
  • the medium and long-term sustainability of expenditure programmes.



List of current PBO staff