Hearing as part of the examination of the Report to Parliament – Article 6 of Law 243/2012


The Chair of the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), Lilia Cavallari, spoke today at a hearing (in Italian) of the Budget Committees of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, which met in joint session, to provide an opinion on the Report to Parliament prepared by the Government pursuant to the provisions of Article 6 of Law 243/2012.


After reviewing the reasons that prompted the submission of the Report, the Chair of the PBO assessed the macroeconomic scenario for 2022 compared with that published in the Economic and Financial Document (EFD) and then examined a number of developments drawn from the monitoring of revenue and expenditure during the year, highlighting their impact on public finances. In concluding, the Chair of the PBO provided background information to evaluate the consistency of the unusual events presented by the Government in the Report with those envisaged under EU legislation, as required by Law 243/2012.