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Hearing on the state of implementation and prospects of fiscal federalism

29 May 2024 | The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), represented by the Board member Giampaolo Arachi, today held a hearing at the Parliamentary Committee… Read more »

Hearing as part of the consideration of the 2024 Economic and Financial Document

22 April 2024 | The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has endorsed the macroeconomic forecasts of the 2024 EFD. The President of the PBO, Lilia… Read more »

Memorandum on Italian Decree-Law 39/2024 (tax incentives for construction)

  The Superbonus and, to a lesser extent, the Transition 4.0 business incentives had a significant impact on public accounts, leaving a heavy legacy… Read more »

Report on Recent Economic Developments – April 2024

  Geopolitical uncertainty remains high, uncertainty about prices and interest rates should not be underestimated. Italy’s GDP grows faster than the euro area average… Read more »

Focus Paper no. 4/2024 “Tax deductions and reliefs: an analysis of recent regulatory interventions”

11 April 2024 | In the broader context of tax expenditures rationalisation, the Focus Paper analyses the impact of recent interventions to curb deductions… Read more »

Focus Paper no. 3/2024 “The distribution of the health financing amidst new criteria and incomplete implementation”

27 March 2024 | This Focus Paper analyses the new system for the distribution of the Italian national health service (INHS) financing, introduced in… Read more »

Hearing on the Decree on urgent measures for the implementation of the NRRP

14 March 2024 – Today, the Parliamentary Budget Office held a hearing at the Chamber of Deputies’ Budget, Treasury and Planning Committee to discuss… Read more »

2024 budget manoeuvre: PBO’s analysis of the final legislative texts

15 February 2024 | The Focus Paper provides an overview of the financial and economic impacts of the measures of the Budget Law approved by… Read more »

Report on recent economic developments – February 2024

The global economy is fragile and unstable due to geopolitical tensions The cyclical phase of the Italian economy is weak, but gradually recovering at… Read more »

Hearing on the determination and implementation of the Essential Level of Services (LEP) for civil and social rights

1 February 2024 | PBO board member Giampaolo Arachi today spoke at a hearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Issues. The hearing concerned… Read more »