Updating at 31 July 2022 the Government securities database


The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has updated the domestic government securities database published on its website to July 31, 2022. This tool enables gives users an interactive display of the main information on developments in the public debt. That data, which are sourced from the Bank of Italy, are used by the PBO as inputs in its interest expenditure estimation model. More specifically, users can analyse the history of each security in the database, aggregate data for issues, redemptions, net issues and outstanding securities, the associated interest expense and the distribution of the following indicators:


– the composition of issue and stocks by type of security, year of issue and interest rate;

– average overall interest rates and interest rates at issue by year of issue and type of security;

– average residual maturity by year of issue and type of security.


The data can be downloaded in processable format.