2018 Conferences and workshops





22 June 2018

Reform of fiscal rules to improve stability prospects in the euro area (Giuseppe Pisauro)

International Conference of Councils on Economic Policy organized by CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis and German Council of Economic Experts – The Hague


23 May 2018

The use of administrative data: the experience of the Parliamentary Budget Office (Corrado Pollastri e Alberto Zanardi) (in Italian)

SIEP 2018 intermediate meeting “Administrative data in socio-economic analysis and the assessment of public policies”


16 May 2018

The transparency of an uncertain budget (Giuseppe Pisauro) (in Italian)

Article published on the Sbilanciamoci.info portal


20 April 2018

Differentiated autonomy: public finance issues (Alberto Zanardi) (in Italian)

Conference “What’s the status of differentiated regional autonomy” – University of Turin


14 March 2018

The public finance objectives of the regions in the rulings of the Constitutional Court (Chiara Goretti) (in Italian)

Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces


12 March 2018

Mtbf: do they work? (Chiara Goretti)

12th meeting of the Network of Public Finance Economists in Public Administration – DG ECFIN


9 March 2018

PBO and parliamentary budget procedures (Chiara Goretti) (in Italian)

Master’s programme on Parliament and Public Policy–LUISS Guido Carli University


8 March 2018

Fiscal policy in Italy and the European Union (Giuseppe Pisauro) (in Italian)

Inaugural lecture of the 33rd cycle of the doctoral programme – Federico Caffè School of Economics and Business – Roma Tre University


1 February 2018

Comments on “Inequality and Poverty across Generations in Europe” by T. Chen, J.J. Hallaert, A. Pitt. H. Qu, M. Queyranne, A. Rhee, A. Shabunina, J. Vandenbussche and I. Yackovlev (Alberto Zanardi)

Rome, VisitInps Seminar






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