2015 Conferences and workshops



10 December 2015
Endorsement of macroeconomic forecasts – The Italian experience (Chiara Goretti)
Fourth EUNIFI meeting

2 December 2015
Intergovermental Fiscal Relations in Italy: Recent Developments (Alberto Zanardi)
Technical Workshop AIReF‐IMF “Budgetary Policy in Decentralized Countries: Design, Implementation and Coordination”

25 November 2015
The outlook for the application of federalism (Alberto Zanardi) (in Italian)
Bank of Italy conference on “Implementation of and outlook for fiscal federalism”

23 November 2015
Taxing property: local taxation, rules, effects and a comparison with foreign systems (Alberto Zanardi) (in Italian)
Workshop at the Parliamentary Press Association

20 July 2015
Comments on the draft legislative decree concerning the estimation and monitoring of tax evasion and the monitoring and reorganisation of measures concerning base erosion (Giuseppe Pisauro) (in Italian)
Workshop of the implementation of the enabling law concerning a fairer, more transparent and growth-oriented tax system

9 July 2015
Reform of fiscal federalism and the consolidation of the public accounts (Alberto Zanardi) (in Italian)
Conference of the Parliamentary Committee for the implementation of fiscal federalism on “Fiscal federalism: where are we now?”

19 June 2015
Derivatives: their nature and consequences for the public finances (Chiara Goretti) (in Italian)
Workshop at the Parliamentary Press Association

17 March 2015
The Fiscal Council’s assessment of the Stability Act (Giuseppe Pisauro) (in Italian)
Report to the LUISS-Fondazione Visentini conference on “The Stability Act. Possible economic policy choices within the framework of constitutional law and European law”

20 November 2014
PBO participates in second meeting of the EUNIFI





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