2023 Conferences and workshops



11 December 2023
Italy’s 2024-26 fiscal plan: Main points of the UPB assessment (Flavio Padrini)
EU IFIs Network meeting

6 October 2023
New economic governance and fiscal policy decicion-making: the role of fiscal council (Lilia Cavallari)
ECPRD Seminar “The new European Economic Governance”

20 September 2023
Policy panel on Economic governance reform and the role of the Independent Fiscal Institutions (Lilia Cavallari)
4th Joint Workshop of European Independent Fiscal Institutions and the European System of Central Banks

7 June 2023
Round table on “Risks from inflation and opportunities from fragmentation” (Lilia Cavallari)
Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar

6 June 2023
The NRRP’s impact on Italian economic growth (Lilia Cavallari)
Interview on Rainews24

4 June 2023
What future lies ahead for the European semester? (Lilia Cavallari)
Debate at the International Festival of Economics

19 May 2023
Building Europe in times of crisis (Lilia Cavallari)
Presentation of the book “Jean Monnet aveva ragione?” by Marco Buti, Bocconi University Press – Collegio Carlo Alberto

18 maggio 2023
Round table on “Rethinking international fiscal compacts” (Lilia Cavallari)
International Dimensions of inflation in a deglobalising world. BoE-EUI conference

11 May 2023
Centralisation vs decentralisation of the EU fiscal framework (Lilia Cavallari)
Annual Conference of the European Fiscal Board

9 May 2023
Wage inequality: a look at several determining factors with administration data from INPS (Lilia Cavallari)
Workshop organised in cooperation with the Italian Association of Labour Economics (AIEL)

23 March 2023
The Guardians of public expenditure (Lilia Cavallari)
Leoni files – Le Interviste

17 March 2023
Distributional impact of rising energy prices and measures to counteract them (Lilia Cavallari)
Presentation as part of “17th EUNIFI Meeting (DG ECFIN)

25 January 2023
Beyond the NRRP: risks and opportunities for investments by city administrations (Giampaolo Arachi)
Report at the 11th Conference on Local Finance and Economy organised by the IFEL – ANCI Foundation

16 January 2023
Europe in books: EU Fiscal Capacity (Lilia Cavallari)
Speech at the webinar organised by Europe Direct Roma Tre for the presentation of the book “EU Fiscal Capacity”, by Federico Fabbrini





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