2022 Conferences and workshops



8 October 2022

Is the Italian economy still resilient to uncertainty and shocks?

Remarks at the conference presenting the report “Is the Italian economy still resilient to uncertainty and shocks?” of the Centro Studi Confindustria


21 September 2022

Managing high inflation in an uncertain world (Lilia Cavallari)

Presentation as part of “17th EUNIFI Meeting (DG ECFIN)


22 June 2022

An assessment of “Quota 100” after three years (Maria Rosaria Marino) (in Italian)

Presentation of a study assessing the Quota 100 early retirement programme, examining how many and which workers have used this option in a joint analysis conducted by INPS and the PBO – Evidence for the financial evaluation of flexible retirement options (video)


21 June 2022

Reflections on the 2022 Concluding Remarks of the Governor of the Bank of Italy (Lilia Cavallari) (in Italian)

Round table discussion organised by the Accademia nazionale dei Lincei in collaboration with the Società italiana di economia (video: 1st part2nd part)


24 May 2022

The COVID-19 crisis and welfare (Lilia Cavallari) (in Italian)

Presentation of the 2022 Report on the Welfare State – 35th anniversary of the death of Federico Caffé
Sapienza University of Rome – Department of Economics


6 May 2022

Fiscal and Monetary Stabilization in Europe: How to Make the Mix Effective (Lilia Cavallari)

Conference in the context of the 12th edition of “The State of the Union – A Europe Fit for the Next Generation?”


5 May 2022

Discussion of “Dynamic Analysis at the US Congressional Budget Office” (Flavio Padrini)

14th Annual Meeting of the OECD WP of PBOs and IFIs


3 May 2022

The Italian Public Finances – 2021 Report (Maria Rosaria Marino) (in Italian)

Discussion on the occasion of the presentation of “The Italian Public Finances – 2021 Report”



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